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How to reject an insurance agent who is my relative

There will be many experiences with sales people who will try to sell their insurance policies to you at any given opportunity. These sales representatives have such a thick skin that they tend to become irritating in some cases; this might lead to an unplanned rude confrontation. It gets even more harrowing when the insurance sales person is a close relative, who is looking at taking advantage of the personal relationship that exists between the two of you to make a sale. This article will discuss some ways to gently turn down a sales pitch for a personal health insurance presented by a close relative who you will not want to offend by your refusal. read more

How To Reduce Insurance Premium For A New Driver

It is common for the insurance premium rates for new drivers to be pegged at very high rates, the reasons for this occurrence are not farfetched. New drivers are a potential risk to the insurance companies who try to limit any risks where possible. The in experience of new drivers as well as the past reputation and experiences involving new driver insurance have created a sort of caution when granting insurance premiums to new drivers. Pegging the insurance premiums at a high rate can be an added protection for the insurance companies. read more

How To Get An Insurance Quote Free

An insurance quote is a statement that gives an idea of the expected premium that comes with an insurance policy. An insurance quote gives the individual an insight to know the costs and the affordability of an insurance package. read more

How to explain value of my car or property to insurance agency!

Dealing with insurance companies can be a very daunting task, it will require a lot of communication from both parties, and the negotiations that will arise from the claim settlements might be very nerve rendering, but it has to be done. Many clients enlist the services of other firms that are experts at claiming insurance benefits in any case of loss or damage to property or life. But the cost of retaining the services of these companies is quite is advised that clients can take advantage of companies that offer free insurance quotes to help them make a more informed decision. From inception of the local auto insurance, it will be necessary to keep records of all expenses that are accrued during the period of usage. The maintenance costs in the case of a property should also be recorded properly, as this information will go a long way in proving the value of the property to the insurance company. read more