How to Avoid an Increase in the Insurance Premium

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2016)

Insurance is the important part of every budget. Constant guard is required to prevent the rate of your insurance from going up. There are many different factors which affect your insurance rate negatively. Insurance packages like the business insurance or cruise insurance can easily rake up a huge premium if not properly handled. In order to avoid the increase in insurance premium, it is necessary to understand the factors that affect your insurance rate, an insurance like the bicycle insurance as simple as it seems should be well understood by the insurance buyer to avoid any ignorance that can result in huge expenses. After understanding it properly you can avoid the increase in auto insurance premium.

Here are some tips to avoid an increase in the auto insurance premium.

Traffic Violations

It is a common reason for the rates of auto insurance to go up. Some of the violations are worse than the other violations. There are two categories of traffic violations.

  • Minor violations
  • Major violations

Improper backing, speeding, improper passing etc. are the examples of minor violations.

Careless driving, open bottle and drag racing etc. are examples of major violations.

Tickets Can Affect Your Insurance Premium

The rate of your car’s insurance premium depends upon your driving record and the relationships that you have with your insurance company. Others factors include the area in which you are living and how much speed you have exceeded. A single speeding ticket is sufficient for the insurance company to increase your increase premium.

How to Avoid a Ticket

The best way for avoiding a traffic ticket is that you must have to obey all the traffic rules and don’t speed up and try to obey all the regulations of the traffic. Be polite and humble and drive defensively.


It will surprise for you that the location plays a major role in your insurance rate. So, if you are living in a major metro area than you insurance premium will go up and if you live in a rural area, it will go down.

Avoid Accidents

Avoid the accidents as much as you can by driving safely and try not to harm any other car or government property while you are driving and don’t drive when you are drunk. In such case you will get points and as a result it will cause an increase in your insurance premium.

Increase in insurance rates occurs when you neglect the basic traffic rules and forgot the regulations. If you abide by all the traffic rules and you don’t get any ticket, then your insurance rate will come down instead of increasing after a year. Follow all the laws of traffic and drive safely.

Increase in fire insurance premium occurs due to the increase in the costs of claims made to the insurance companies and the increasing frequency of these claims, this increase occurs every year. The best way to avoid increase in the insurance is to understand that how the insurance companies look at the claims. You have to learn that how to file an insurance claim without increasing your rates of insurance premium. The amount of change in your premium payment can differ according to the circumstances of your opinion and also how your premium is calculated by the insurer. An attorney that knows how this area of law works may be able to help you avoiding the increase in your insurance premium.

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