Avoid Paying For Car Insurance in USA

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2016)

There are some people who don’t want to spend money whenever possible. Some people in USA avoid paying for insurance policies that will go a long way in securing them in case of unforeseen events; a Medicare supplemental insurance for instance will be overlooked by many USA citizens until the need arises. They try to find many different ways to avoid paying for the insurance at every opportunity, a construction company working on commission will try to avoid getting a good construction insurance coverage that can save the company a lot of expenses. It seems funny to me when people complain about how expensive the cars are. Insurance for car in USA or any other state is to cover risk of financial responsibility or the loss of a car that owner may face in case of any accident which may result in damaging the property or any other physical injuries. There are also some states where the car insurance is not necessary.

As per my personal experience, there are some possible ways to lower your car insurance.

  • Do the maintenance of car by your own
  • Use bike for short distances
  • Rent your car out when you are not using it
  • Drive less and lower your annual mileage
  • Request every possible discount

There are some tips to lower the car insurance but moving on without car insurance isn’t a good idea at all. So having insurance for your car is compulsory in USA. Anyhow, you can lower your insurance by following the above tips.

There are insurance policies to cover a wide range of events, most are overlooked for example a trip insurance will be ignored by many families that go out on camping trips where anything can happen, many people don’t also know how much can be saved when they are on the best dental insurance coverage, considering the high costs of dental care.

I think it is good to have a car insurance because it can help you in many different ways in US as you can never predict about the accident because accidents mostly happens suddenly and you can never predict that your car is always safe on the roads. So, in such cases car insurance helps you in several ways. Many damages exist when driving without car insurance.

There are several consequences if you are driving without car insurance. There are different excuses given by people for not maintaining valid life insurance policies. Some people say that they are not able to afford insurance premiums especially in cases requiring insurance due to high risk factors, while some give excuses that they forgot about the insurance. For ignoring this responsibility, there are personal and legal penalties.

Legal Fines

It is illegal to drive without the car insurance. Driver will have to pay a fine in case of any accident or if pulled over by police.

Legal Penalties

Driving without car insurance is a crime in USA. In such cases license or uninsured car’s registrations can be suspended or driver can also be arrested.

No Protection

If an uninsured driver is involved in an accident and they are guilty, the driver will be liable for any repairs or replacement of their own car and the driver will also have to pay for the repairing of any other vehicle damaged in the accident.

So, driving without insurance is a serious crime as well as it is risky too. It is understandable that some people cannot afford car insurance but the cost of being caught without insurance will be greater than the annual cost of having insurance.

Elizabeth Diane

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