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7 Ways To Safeguard Yourself From Identity Theft This Black Friday


Practice Safe Shopping

What does Black Friday protection suggest to you? Possibly it’s helmets and elbow pads as you fight your fellow customers for doorbuster deals. Possibly it’s protecting your space in line.

Possibly it needs to be taking safety measures to avoid identity theft.

The holidays represent peak season for identity thieves– most likely due to the fact that there are more transactions and more chances for theft. According to 2018 information compiled by ACI Worldwide, the number of “purchase online, pick up in-store” (BOPIS) transactions in between Thanksgiving Day and December 31 increased by 20% over 2017, while tried fraud over the very same period increased by 13%.

Reduce your possibilities of identity theft over the Thanksgiving weekend by following these sensible techniques for practicing “safe shopping.”

7 Ways to Prevent Black Friday Fraudsters

1. Protect Your Purse/Wallet–



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