Looking Back and Moving Forward


Coming into a brand-new year seems to force us to recall and to look forward. How was your 2017? What do you get out of your 2018? While we can’t alter the important things that are now in our rear view, we do get to imagine and develop what remains in our forward view. As a MoneyTips contributor, I regularly mull over concepts that might end up being valuable material for you, the MoneyTips visitor. Recalling in order to move forward is the style today.

Recalling – method back – I recall a conversation with a person who took it upon himself to help with my life insurance coverage education. Stephen Landry, who was only a year ahead of me in training and experience, emphasized the value of evaluating the needs that people have in their lives as the beginning point for discussions that result in better insurance preparation.

At the time, numerous in my occupation emphasized grand income methods, or concentrated on the …

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