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    Flood Insurance 101 888011000 110888 MoneyTipsThe National Flood Insurance Program is a government program run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). If your house or company lies within a 100-year flood zone as identified by FEMA, you will be required to acquire flood insurance coverage to get a home loan or service loan. Flood insurance coverage must be bought as a different policy due to the fact that flood damage is omitted from the standard insurance coverage. You can purchase a policy for simply the building, just the contents or for both building and contents. If you do not have a loan or home mortgage you do not need to acquire flood insurance. Nevertheless, lots of companies today will not offer house or company insurance coverage to someone who remains in a flood zone however picks not to buy flood insurance coverage. If your house or organization is not in a flood zone you can still purchase flood insurance coverage via a “preferred policy” which is significantly less expensive and consists of coverage for both the building and contents. There is a 30-da …