Is it Smart to Buy Insurance Directly from the Carrier?


For most kinds of insurance, you have an option of buying through a broker or insurance agent, or buying directly from an insurance carrier. Younger, tech-savvy purchasers have been attracted to the convenience of direct online insurance shopping, but there is still room in the market for your friendly local insurance agent.

If you are trying to decide which method to use, consider the following pluses and minuses of direct purchase of common types of insurance:

  • Auto Insurance – The direct purchase market is crowded in auto insurance, from larger companies such as Esurance, Geico and Progressive to a number of smaller specialized insurance firms that handle niche markets.

    Pluses of direct purchase auto insurance are the convenience of purchasing, especially online, and generally lower prices through limited overhead and the lack of sales commissions. Agents from larger companies can blunt the effect of lower prices through multi…



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