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Setting Up Personal Effects On Your Property Owners or Occupants Policy


Scheduling Products on your House owners policy

The term “Homeowners Insurance” is utilized for insurance policies that guarantee a person’s primary, owner-occupied house. This can be a single family home, a multi-family (up to 4 apartments) home, an apartment or condo. Each house is guaranteed through a various type of “house owners” policy. Each policy covers personal effects.

When you buy a homeowners insurance plan, you are insuring the dwelling, if you own it, together with the personal effects that you own. Based upon your option, your policy will either insure you for Actual Money Value (ACV) which is the expense new minus devaluation for the age of the product or Replacement Expense Coverage (RC) which reimburses you to purchase a new, comparable product to change one damaged or taken from a claim. An example is a taken five-year-old tv that cost $500 new. With ACV you may get paid $200 as a depreciated settlement OR with RC you would be r.



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